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All Together

All Together​
There was a time when I wished I had it all together. I watched others who seemingly had perfect jobs, perfect families, perfect bank accounts, and well … perfect lives.

I would strive and strive and strive, feeling that I had somehow missed the boat that had already sailed toward a perfect past, a thriving present, and a golden future.

It wasn’t that I was a “bad kid” mind you: its simply that many of the pieces in my life were flawed, many of the decisions I made were poor, and many of my produced outcomes were less than perfect.

Was that what I was trying to achieve? Perfection. Was the quest for having everything “all together” really a striving for perfection?

As I began to get close to a group of students and professors … and by close, I mean that we became real friends … I began to see that even those with higher educations, loftier goals, and larger bank accounts were struggling just like I was; they simply hid those struggles better or refused to try to hide it at all.

I further began to see that all of us had difficulties and imperfections … and that none of us had it “all together.”

It was then that I discovered that God still had a plan for each of us and that His plans are for good and not for disaster: to give each of us a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11).

You see, His plans are sure … and even though we may cause those plans to be seemingly side-stepped, His plans still remain intact.

I am glad that God has a plan for each of us, and that no matter how much we fail, how much we flounder, and how much we may miss the mark, God’s plan is still intact.

I am also glad that God’s plan for me includes that of assuring my future and of giving me a hope.

With that understanding, I know that “having it all together” is not the mark that I seek to attain; rather, being a part of His plan, having Him as my hope, and having His future in store for me is that mark.

And I’m more than OK with that.

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